Blairsville Underground Railroad About Content


We are open May through October for special events and by appointment. Contact the Blairsville Area Historical Society if you wish to arrange group or individual tours. 724-459-0580.

We are able to provide for student groups and adult study groups. We partner with local historical societies and with the John Heinz Center in Pittsburgh.

We have docents and guides available. We can help to plan walking tours of the historic sites in Blairsville. The driving tour is at your leisure using our brochure or the online PDF file which guides you through the county sites. We recommend allowing at least 3 hrs. for the full driving tour. The UGRR Center tour is approximately 45 minutes depending on the interest and age level.

We recommend that you contact us at least a month in advance for any group tour over 10 people. The Center can handle lecture type meeting of approximately 60. For Elementary student groups, 30 is the maximum for the children to have full hands-on involvement.

If you plan to stay overnight, we can assist you with additional ideas for your group. You may also contact the Tourist Bureau for additional information.

We have several events throughout our season that are open to the public. While we do not charge an admission fee, your donations help us continue our research and our programs.

The Stationmaster program:

Instituted in 2008, this program is based on the operating costs of year and then divided by twelve which gives a budgeted monthly amount of $150. Donations to this program allow us to maintain the Center. The donors names become part of our permanent records.

You may donate as an individual or as a group or family. Our sincere thanks to all who have supported this program.


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